Seven ways to feel better about your body image

Monday 18th August 2014

Can reading magazines and having a gay best friend really boost your body image?

Discover seven simple ways to make you feel better about your body…


Stop believing in the perfect body
A professor at North Carolina State University looked at pictures of 6,300 women – and guess how many had a perfect hourglass figure? Eight percent. 46 were rectangular, 20 pear shaped, and 14 were inverted triangles. Point being: you’re not the only one without Barbie’s measurements.

Put your best breast forward
Plastic surgeons at Case Medical Center in Cleveland surveyed 160 sets of identical-twin sisters and rated their breasts. Women who wore bras, stayed slim, and avoided smoking, alcohol and the sun had better-looking breasts than their twins who did not.

Read magazines
There’s an idea that looking at airbrushed and idealised photographs contributes to irrational expectations for women. But research from Ohio State University found just the opposite. In one study, women read magazines over five days; those who only saw thin, beautiful women rated their own body image higher than they did at the start of the study.

Shop when you’re distracted
Researchers in Amsterdam found that the longer people had to deliberate over certain decisions, the less happy they were with their ultimate choice. Those who were engaged in another task while they made their decision were the happiest. So rather than trying on everything in the store, why not online shop when you’re on a conference call? Processing and memory are actually heightened during unconscious thought.

Employ the secret
Guess what? Feeling better about your body actually makes you eat less, at least according to a Portuguese study of 239 overweight women. So rather than focusing on everything you can’t stand about yourself (your thighs! your stomach!) focus on the parts you do like (your back! your pretty hair! your skin!). Chances are, you’re less likely to binge out, and more likely to edge towards the body you really want.

Get a gay bestie
Although they’re not exactly sure why, a survey of 154 straight women who had at least one close gay male friend had more positive feelings of sexual attractiveness than those who didn’t.

Wear a good outfit
71 percent of women believed that changing their clothes could affect their mood for the better. So slip into something more cheerful. The most preferred outfit for women in a bad mood is a baggy top over jeans; when happy, tailored, form-fitting items in bright and beautiful fabrics are preferred.


Loom Band Fashion?!!

Sunday 20th July 2014

Loom bands

Now they’re this summer’s ‘must-have’ fashion accessory, apparently

The craze has risen to a new level: loom band clothes…

Forget florals, bohemian chic and sheer skirts: loom bands are this summer’s must-have fashion item.


Well, according to eBay that is. After a loom band dress reportedly sold for £170,100 on the site earlier this week, garments made from the coloured elastic are popping up for sale all over the virtual auctioneer.

From boob tubes and ties, to underwear and flip flops – if it’s an item of clothing, there’s likely to be a loom band version.

The brightly coloured bands, which cost less than one penny each, are often used to create bracelets and necklaces and have become a fad on the school playground.

But the hype surrounding them has been bolstered by the likes of celebrities including One Directioner Harry Styles and David Beckham, who have both been seen sporting loom band jewellery.

And the Duchess of Cambridge donned an elastic bracelet given to her by a well-wisher during the Royal tour of Australasia.

Perhaps hoping to cash in on the craze, loom band devotees are becoming increasingly creative in their use of the bands, which can be woven together to create a chain mail effect.

Loom bands were invented by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian-born former seatbelt developer from Michigan, who noticed his daughters weaving elastic bands into bracelets.

The girls were impressed with his first loom made from a wooden board and pins and he soon developed a plastic version that sold out of within hours of being stocked in a local toyshop.


Independents Day 2014

Thursday 3rd July 2014

25% OFF at Chantal

Independents Day 2014 – 04th July 2014

10:00am – 16:00pm, Cathedral Quarter

Discover Lincoln’s independent businesses with special offers and live music in Castle Square.

Lincoln is full of independent businesses, from retailers on High Street to cafes in the Cathedral Quarter, making it a unique experience for a day of shopping and exploring.

On Independents’ Day, take the opportunity to discover the independent businesses in Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter with special offers in stores, cafes and restaurants throughout the day.

Along with special offers for shop, food and drink, there will be live music in Castle Square to make July 4th a celebration of Independents in Lincoln.

25% OFF at Chantal

  • Chantal (Bailgate)
    25% off all purchases.

Special Offers on the day…

  • Bailgate Post Office (Bailgate)
    10% off puzzles and greetings cards.
  • Flowers by Suzanne (Bailgate)
    Free delivery on all orders to be delivered in Lincolnshire on Friday 4th July.
  • Forty Four (Steep Hill)
    10% off purchases over £10.
  • The Ice Cream Parlour (Bailgate)
    ’50p off next purchase’ voucher given to each customer on July 4th.
  • The Little Red Gallery (Bailgate)
    10% off selected works in store.
  • Midas (Bailgate)
    Free handmade bracelet (worth £5) with every transaction over £25.
  • Object & Line (Bailgate)
    Free cupcake with every purchase over £10.
  • Roly’s Fudge Pantry (Steep Hill)
    10% off your fudge bill when quoting ‘Indie Day’.
  • Visitor Information Centre (Caste Hill)
    50% off Horrible Histories, 205 off VW merchandise, 20% off Jennys Jams, free city maps and city guides.
  • The Whisky Shop (Bailgate)
    10% off all purchases.
  • Yellowbellys (Gordon Road)
    10% off purchases over £10, free coffee/tea with every cupcake purchased.

Statement Neons!

Wednesday 18th June 2014

Showcasing on the Window Boards @ CHANTAL  – Statement Neons!

photo 2 photo 1photo 3

What women want…

Friday 13th June 2014

Come in and try this combination… or many others, we have in store!

Lace Top

Colour: off white

  • Lace top with crochet edging
  • Length 58 cm


Colour: blue denim

  • Basic at its best: Our jeggings used in washed denim
  • Shortened cut with small slits
  • Trendy thanks to worn spots

Jaquard blazer

Colour: blue white

  • This should not be missing from any wardrobe: Double-breasted Jacquard jacket with sloping lapel
  • Super match for trendy combo with any bottoms
  • Lining made of pure cotton

Chantal - Dress Codes (June 2014)